5 Green Leaves Herb

5 Green Leaves Herb

5 Green Leaves Herb? Hahahha… yes that is all my friends talk about it now, somehow they said with a little bit lugh and smile. You don’t know it right? Or maybe you a proffesional about this 5 Green Leaves Herb, 🙂

Yes they called it about marijuana or locals says medical marijuana in Florida. Florida medical marijuana is the 1 of the best, no no..not the best but it works on everyday. You can find a lot of medical marijuana Doctors in florida here. Marijuana is not the best herb, but if you want the best results you can work your body, run, swimming, do all the sports in daily basis.

The best herb for your body is sports and somehow, your food take best part of your health. Bad food, cigarettes, beer, alcohol, will make your health down, really it will kill you slowly. So, leave this toxic fast when you have a chance.

Sprint 2KM everyday will make your heart in good condition. Swimming on 1 hour will make your body fit and healthy. My daily sports is, wake up on 4 on the morning, eat some bread for breakfast, 1 glass of milk, use sprint shoes. And… YES! sprint onminimal 2KM a day. That is healthy life, enjoy it, you will regret this! Cheers 🙂

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