9 Beautiful Beaches in Indonesia

9 Beautiful Beaches in Indonesia

With all its charm, it’s no wonder Uluwatu Temple Bali Indonesia a destination for many people for a vacation. Also to unwind with a sip of beauty so exotic. So, where are some beaches received the title as the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia? Here you can visit as an alternative vacation spot.

1. Kuta Beach

Are there any who do not know the beauty of this beach? Yes, the beach is located in Badung regency is indeed very famous beauty.

The beach is the main destination of foreign tourists visiting Bali. Kuta Beach is known as a sunset beach because in times senjalah most beautiful and romantic views of this coast can be enjoyed. The charm of the beach is also emerging from the white sand beach is clean and wide.

2. Beach Bunaken

Bunekan island’s reputation as one of the regions that have the most beautiful underwater scenery in the world is already very popular. However, for visitors who do not want to dive to enjoy the beauty of marine parks that are part of the Bunaken National Park, Bunaken beach panorama was so alluring. Benaken island located in the northern island of Sulawesi and is part of the province of North Sulawesi.

3. Coastal Sengigi

Senggigi Beach is located on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara province. Coral reefs are soaring into the middle making big waves broke when still in the middle, be calm waves. Calm waves and a gently sloping beach make this a pleasant place to swim.

Before the sun sank, the golden rays bouncing so perfect at the sea surface. Up creates a landscape so powerful beauty. Half an hour walk, visitors will find the Batu Bolong, a temple erected on the rocks at the seaside. In this place, seen Mount Agung in Bali Island.

4. Pangandaran

Pangandaran Beach is in Ciamis, West Java. Pangandaran Beach is the best beach in Pulai Java version AsiaRooms. Besides enjoying the captivating beauty, the beach, visitors can see the sunrise and terbenan from the same place. Sloping beaches are also suitable for swimming activities.

5. Beach Plengkung

Plengkung beach located in the district of Banyuwangi, East Java. The scenery is beautiful and the waves are high, reaching 4-5 meters, make this beach surfing sports fans dream.

Pengklung beach surrounded by woods and dubbed as paradise silence. So, in addition to enjoying the beauty of the beach, at this place, visitors can also explore the woods and see a variety of wildlife in it.

6. Parai Tenggiri

The beach is located in the district of Bangka, Bangka Belitung province. Expanse of rocks on the beach in bath decor increasingly enhance natural beauty. White sand and the charm of the sunrise is another allure of this beach.

7. Beach Natsepa

Natsepa beach on the island of Ambon, Maluku Tengah. White sand and panoramic beauty of dusk the main attraction of this beach. Rujak Natsepa the typical culinary merupakam this region, make a holiday at the beach this member feels more pleasant.

8. Coastal Tablanusu

Tablanusu beach located in the district of Jayapura, Papua Province. Hills with verdant grass on the beach, creating a beautiful view on this beach.

The uniqueness of this beach is located on a gravel around the edges. Tablanusu sandy beaches are not as large, but its edges covered gravel if trodden will bring unique sounds.

9. Parangtritis

Parangtritis is the most popular beach in Yogyakarta. The beach is inseparable from the legend of the Queen of South. Parangtritis believed by many Javanese as the gateway to the kingdom belongs to the south sea power.

Parangtritis views of the best in the afternoon, before the sun returned to the contest. Polygyny reddish twilight sky, the water surface reflects the sun cast golden, and a dimly-Ramang, it is able to vibrate romantic souls.

On the beach there is a cliff Parangtritis named Cliffs Gembirawati. From the top, visitors can look into every corner of the beach, with the waves roll in typical high southern coast. At the east end of the beach Parangtritis, there is a group of rocks are so beautiful.

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