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Category: The Article Explain About Benefits of Cannabis ‘Marijuana’ For Health Explain About Benefits of Cannabis ‘Marijuana’ For Health

The Cannabis plant produces marijuana that is the leaves and shoots of plants that contain psychoactive ingredient delta-9 tetrahidrocanabinol (THC).

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Although it has benefits for some diseases, the use of marijuana can not arbitrarily. The right dose is required in order to use marijuana obtain health benefits. Researchers at the Cannabis Research Center, San Francisco, as quoted from Canabismd, mention the normal dose.

The exact quantities of cannabis made into cigarettes for medical purposes is from number 10 to 20 grams … Read More

The Benefits of Marijuana

The Benefits of Marijuana

Surely you already know marijuana, Do you know if marijuana in fact has benefits for our health? Besides having a negative effect and is classified as prohibited items, but plainly marijuana has benefits for our health. However, the use of marijuana should be under medical supervision and the authorities and should not be consumed by the free way.
So what are the 5 benefits of marijuana for health ?? Before I outline five marijuana for health benefits, helps us to know in advance about the marijuana itself. Cannabis (Cannabis sativa syn. Cannabis indica) is a plant cultivation of fiber, but is better known because of the content of narcotic substances to seeds, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC, Tetra-Hydro-cannabinol) that can create the wearer experience the euphoria (a sense of love prolonged without cause).

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5 Green Leaves Herb

5 Green Leaves Herb

5 Green Leaves Herb? Hahahha… yes that is all my friends talk about it now, somehow they said with a little bit lugh and smile. You don’t know it right? Or maybe you a proffesional about this 5 Green Leaves Herb, 🙂

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The best herb for your body is sports and somehow, your food take best part of your health. Bad food, cigarettes, beer, alcohol, will make your health down, really it will kill you slowly. So, leave this … Read More

9 Beautiful Beaches in Indonesia

9 Beautiful Beaches in Indonesia

With all its charm, it’s no wonder Uluwatu Temple Bali Indonesia a destination for many people for a vacation. Also to unwind with a sip of beauty so exotic. So, where are some beaches received the title as the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia? Here you can visit as an alternative vacation spot.

1. Kuta Beach

Are there any who do not know the beauty of this beach? Yes, the beach is located in Badung regency is indeed very famous beauty.

The beach is the main destination of foreign tourists visiting Bali. Kuta Beach is known as a sunset beach because in times senjalah most beautiful and romantic views of this coast can be enjoyed. The charm of the beach is also emerging from the white sand beach is clean and wide.

2. Beach Bunaken

Bunekan island’s reputation as one of the regions that have the most beautiful underwater scenery … Read More