Leading Business Sectors in Montreal

Leading Business Sectors in Montreal

Like any other huge cities, Montreal has its significant contribution to the business sector. It is recognized as a distinct city in North America with its functionally bilingual and multilingual population. It has already set its name in the business world being a notable destination for international conventions alongside Washington and New York.

The texture of Montreal’s municipal economy is as diverse as its citizens since it offers more than it’s known for, culinary and cultural prowess. Below are some of the most popular business sectors in the city:

Information and Communications Technology or ICT

The ICT industry in the city is definitely on the buzz, generating significant figure in revenue and creating a great number of companies and jobs. Its locally based innovators Ubisoft win awards on the grounds of their originality. Many industry leaders across the globe are headquartered here including IBM, Telus, Google, CAE, CGI and Morgan Stanley.

Aviation and Aerospace

All necessary aircraft manufacturing components can be found within the metro area of the city. It is global center when it comes to aerospace development along with Toulouse and Seattle. Aviation production and engineering supply the local economy with its over 200 privately held companies in aerospace. It has the most number of international aerospace organizations worldwide such as International Council for Aerospace Training, World Airlines Clubs Association and Airports Council International.

Video Gaming

The Video gaming industry in Montreal generates huge amount of revenue and create thousands of jobs. It has gain appeal to key publishers studios and developers. The industry’s success is attributable to its out-of-the-box concept culture and provincial government subsidizations.

Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences

The city ranks first in research centers and research and development investments in Canada. It is considered home to specialized research institutions in pharmacogenomics, cardiovascular diseases, mental health, biotechnology, proteomics, immunology and neuroscience. Success in research leads to the flourish of the pharmaceutical industries. Among the reputable life science companies based in the city are AstraZeneca, Merck, Roche Diagnostics and GlaxoSmithKline.

Agriculture and Food Production

The city is home to the international agrifood industry that specializes in beverage and food processing and distribution. It is considered the third of all the most populated cities in North America when it comes to food-processing sector operating costs. It is also known to be the hub for parapublic and public centres for agrifood research.


It is one of the key transportation centres for Canada considering its extensive road, air and railway network and seaport. It has 2 international airports open 24 hours daily and 7 days weekly. The Port of Montreal is among the world’s busiest inland ports that is close to the industrial centre of North America.


The city opts to measure its wealth in cultural capital and financial prosperity. It offers reproductive setting for significant, unique creative industries such as the Hollywood North production studios, Cirque du Soleil headquarters and massive festival scene. It has gained international recognition for UNESCO City of Design in 2006.

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