The foreign exchange market allows traders to buy and sell exchange as well as speculate currencies. The forex trade business accounts for the largest shares of market in business across the world. Forex exchange business includes banks hedge funds, retail forex as well as investment banks. Apart from the forex exchange market providing a platform for trading market shares, it promotes international trade through investments. Because there is no central platform for forex trading, forex brokers are available to conduct the business on behalf of investors. There are numerous forex brokers in the current market and selecting the right one can be challenging for the trader. Although challenging, it does not have to be as mind boggling with Royal Pip available in the market.


Most traders are attracted to forex traders who are reliable with accurate account details. Such features well describe Royal Pip. This brokerage company is a renowned service provider with vast years of experience. The team understands that it is vital for an investor to be supported by trained professionals. This is exactly what Royal Pip offers traders. From service to positive trading experience, the trading brokerage firm offers paramount platforms with safety measures. The support team offers an incredible trading experience, and this feature is paramount to the management. Putting traders first is the priority of RoyalPip. This strategy has been the selling point of RoyalPip  for years because the community understands that these brokers offer the best trading platforms in forex exchange.


One of the trading platforms RoyalPip  offers is Meta Trader 4. Meta Trader 4 is a prominent trading platform in forex exchange. The amazing application offers an easy to understand interface with tools that can be used to trade. Meta Trader 4 helps explain the conditions of the forex exchange market by accommodating all traders at different levels of trading. The platform is characterized with an easy to access interface that allows traders to view all assets available for trading online. It directly indicates the instantaneous prices of shares. This indication gives the trader an interacting platform featuring all the available opportunities that can be invested in. Meta Trader 4 contains all the necessary orders like take-profit, active future order as well as stop-loss. The platform synergizes professionalism, accuracy as well as speed in implementation.

The main advantages of Meta 4 Trader are:

  • A whole set of tools that can be used to technical analysis
  • User-friendly interface coupled with multilingual support
  • High chances of receiving trading news online
  • A 128 bit encoding for high security while trading
  • A built-in function user guide on trading
  • CFD,s
  • Easy management of local database and history of quotation including editing features
  • Various charts that can be plotted in different time intervals


RoyalPip provides a broad range of approximately 180 tradable assets. These assets include currencies, commodities, and indices in addition to stocks.

Conclusion was established by the senior officials specializing financial markets, money trading and the analysis of market shares. The founders have eight to thirty years experience in forex exchange. The company ensures sufficient trading conditions for all clients through:

  • Superior trading tools
  • SSL system of protection
  • Consistency in accounts management
  • Fixed and diversified spreads
  • Account manager allocated for each account

• A welcome bonus for new traders at 100%

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